Rad Ombre`s

Cindy's fun new method of Ombre` dyeing gives you everything you need to learn how to dye a beautiful light to dark ombre` gradient, and much, much more! Not just light to dark, this versatile dyeing tool will add so many techniques and so much fun to your creative skillset! Expect to learn color to color blends, center out ombre's and wonderful striated fabrics. 

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Rad Ombre's Starter Kit

Learn to Ombre` the Easy Way

SALE:     $ 125.00  $ 100.00


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Rad Ombre`s - Refill Kit

Learn to Ombre` the Easy Way!

Price:     $ 50.00


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The Drip Rig

A brand new approach to fabric dyeing.....

SALE:     $ 60.00  $ 50.00