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Club Indigo

This will be a series of shorter classes, each going over a style of shibori. When we have a big bin of completely prepped fabric, and the weather warms up, we will build a vat of pre-reduced indigo and spend a day dyeing fabric together, learning the best ways to get saturation, and oxidization! 

There will be at least 2 shipments of fabric and tools along the way, along with a private facebook page where we can stay connected and discuss 
the different ideas we have about each type of shibori we learn. To keep the cost down and access to the videos high, a majority of these will be Facebook Live Classes. They are easier to instantly post for review. We still get some interaction, and time for Q&A. Class 6 & 7 will be Live Zoom classes so we can ask lots of questions. Our hands will be very busy that day, with no time for typing! 

We will meet on Thursday evenings, 4:00 Arizona time (Mountain Standard) for an hour or so to discuss the method of the day. I will have examples and give demonstrations, then you will have 2 weeks to practice and apply that technique, making your pieces as elaborate or simple as you like. I expect to cover at least 8 types of shibori over the course. 

Class #1 - April 1st - Stitch & Bitch
Class #2 - April 15th - More Stitchin', and Likely more Bitchin' 
Class #3 - April 29th - Sticks & Stones
Class #4 - May 12th - Pleats to meet you! (NOT on Thursday)
Class #5 - May 27th - Ropes, Clamps & Ties
Class #6 - June 11 - Build A Vat
Class #7 - June 12th - Dip & Dye Day! 

I will provide
10 yards fabric
Pre-Reduced Indigo Kit
Various tools along the way
I will provide some of the binding materials 
Lotsa inspiration and coaching

You will need to supply
Needles - I love John James needles. I use sharps 5-9 and also some embroidery needles. You will find what fits you best. I get mine from Global Artisan Designs
Thread - To start with, lets use a medium weight bonded nylon thread - Black and one other different color. I've used upholstery weight, but its a little thick for this fabric. Polyester is the next best thing. Remember that we will be pulling and tugging on this thread. 
Thimble - If you need a treat, visit My friend Jan
Binding materials - You will need a large spool of artificial sinew. Most craft stores carry it in the beading or leather department, and it is also available on line. Use your coupons at the big box craft stores and get the BIG spool. You will be glad you did. 
Later you will need a 5 gallon bucket, one or 2 long wooden stir sticks, plastic sheeting and an outdoor area to work in. But there is lots of fun and interesting things to share between now and then!

I hope you join me for this slow stitching adventure in indigo dyeing. Its entirely different than fiber reactive, and a much more leisurely pace. At the end, you will have a beautiful collection of your very own Indigo dyed shibori! 

*While some of the information from Pole Dancing and all of the Itajime classes I teach will cross over from other classes, we approach it entirely different with natural indigo, and can use that to create fabulous new designs! 

*If you need to break this into 2 payments, please contact me at to make arrangements! I'm happy to accommodate your request. 

Club Indigo

$ 250.00
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